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CNY 40% OFF: Dust Agent 1 (Black)


Suitable for: Home, Office, Pet’s owner, Parents & You!

– Wipe all the dust under bed,table
– Clear pet’s fur
– Works on all terrain carpet, wooden floor, marbles
– Finally enjoy spare time on other activities!

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Product Description

DA-1 built in with powerful suction mode that can clean up heavy dirt, dust, hair and debris on the ground. Excellent Cleaning Performance with Brush, Vacuum, Mop and ultimately noise reduction!

5 unique cleaning modes that eliminate all dusts at home!

Auto Cleaning
Spot Cleaning
Edge Cleaning
Zig Zag Cleaning
Mute Cleaning

Set auto timing on Agent One to help you clean your floor whenever you like, especially when you’re away from home. Rest assure, Agent One will return to charging base when battery is low

Agent One will not interrupt your phone conversation and even when you were watching your favorite TV show. So enjoy and let Agent One to clean your home or office anytime.

Agent One attached with brush bracket to prevent the robot from stuck over the electric wire. Furthermore, it’s built in with anti fall system where Agent One will never Fall



Bluetooth 2.4ghz allows user to control
Agent One through the remote without
the need of direct pointing towards the robot.

Double Rotating Side Brushes gather debris, tiny dirts or even hairs to the robot vacuum main suction hub.It works very well when cleaning the edge.

  • lenobot
  • Agent one installed with 2 Main brushes below the
    vacuum suction component to ensure it wipe all dirt into the bin

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      Pop-up Dustbin is user friendly with only One Push
      button to eject bin and easy to clean too.
      Virtual Wall act as a wall to block robot vacuum
      from entering areas that are off-limits. So, you can
      have robot vacuum to clean the exact area that you one.
      Vacuum Charger is small and convenience to place in your living room or kitchen. Best to put it in place with empty space.

      • lenobot
      • DA-1 able to report error on the robot screen where user may easily identify any issue occurred on the robot
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